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Sponsorship is a great way to help an animal when you can't adopt or foster. Individuals, families, teams or corporations can benefit from animal sponsorship. 

When an animal is brought into rescue, they are initially examined medically, including a heartworm test. The medical needs of the animal are assessed. If they aren't spayed or neutered, we will schedule an appointment with a vet. If they are heartworm disease positive (HW+), they are treated, which is a somewhat lengthy process, and although not  available for adoption until treatment is completed, pets are available for a foster to adopt contract. That means the pet is cared for by their approved adoptive family, but the rescue continues to pay for the treatment. 

Some animals remain with the rescue a very short term and some longer term. 

The standard costs of every animal will include some or all of the following, at a minimum: 

  • Initial Medical Assessment and Heartworm Disease Test: $50

  • Spay/Neuter: $150

  • Heartworm Disease Treatment: $600-$900

  • Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention (per month): $20

  • Food (per month): $10-20

Sponsorship starts at $25 per month. Sponsorship is committed for a 12 month period. 

Sponsorship levels are as follows: 

  • Bronze - $25 per month - supports 1 animal

  • Silver - $100 per month - supports 4 animals 

  • Gold - $250 per month - supports 10 animals

  • Platinum $500 per month - supports 20 animals 

As a sponsor, you will receive

  • two Windy Ridge Rescue sponsor's bumper sticker

  • a logo mug

  • monthly updates on the animal/s you sponsor

  • The rights to advertise your sponsorship level throughout the duration of your sponsorship

  • Pictures of the sponsored animals that can be used in print and online media

  • Invitations to exclusive sponsor events twice per year (great networking opportunities)

  • Your details on the WRR web site, identifying the level of sponsorship

  • A Tax Receipt 

A sponsor can choose the animal/s that they sponsor, or appropriate animals will be selected. 

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Click the box next to Make this a monthly donation and write a note telling us it's for a sponsorship! 

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