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Windy Ridge Rescue relies heavily on like minded volunteers to foster their rescues. 

A lot of rescues are fostered for a short period of time, as they are transported regularly to sister shelters in other locations where adoption is more likely. 

Some rescues are fostered for longer while they are being rehabilitated, healed or waiting for their forever home in the Sumter area. 

As a Windy Ridge Rescue foster, you will be provided with food, medicines and other supplies as required. Any animal-related expenses incurred by you are tax deductable as we are a registered Non-Profit. 

We are also able to certify time as volunteer hours if required. 

Fosters play a vital role, and we can never have too many fosters. For more information, please email us, or complete an application form and send it to us. The more foster parents we have, the more animals we can help. 

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