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Adoptable Pet Of The Month:

Buddy Dec 2022.JPG


Buddy's story is like so many we hear in our area. He showed up in a yard and a family struggling to make ends meet did their best to care for him.  They reached out and we tried to help.  Buddy looks to be a Chesapeake Bay retriever and is a mild mannered dog. He is gentle with children and seems to get along ok with most dogs. He probabprobably should not live with cats. He's too curious and wants to chase them. The rescue has started him on slow kill heartworm  treatment and he should be negative for the disease very soon.

to chase them. 


We've been staying busy! 

We have too many kitties!!

Sometimes TNR efforts don't go as planned, and we have to keep a kitty a little longer than just overnight after surgery, and then it isn't safe for them to be returned to their colony. They aren't exactly cuddly and friendly either. So, we need barns and outbuildings where they can reside. If you know any place like this, please contact us! 


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