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Hey! Are you looking at us because you are interested in participating in Skillbridge? 
Click on the cute kitty for more information! 


We've been staying busy! 
We've completed over 452 TNR surgeries this year as of July 15,2023!!

We have too many kitties!!

Sometimes TNR efforts don't go as planned, and we have to keep a kitty a little longer than just overnight after surgery, and then it isn't safe for them to be returned to their colony. They aren't exactly cuddly and friendly either. So, we need barns and outbuildings where they can reside. If you know any place like this, please contact us! 


Pour For Paws

WRR Event.jpg

Thanks to all of you, Pour for Paws was a HUGE success!!!

With your help Windy Ridge Rescue raised almost             This money will allow WRR to accomplish many more TNR's and to not only continue to provide necessary care for the over 75 animals currently in the WRR's care, but also gives us the ability to help even more! 

WRR has already accomplished over 250 TNR's this year alone. That is ahead of our numbers for this time last year. Thanks to all of you, we can do even more! 


Stay tuned for future events. You can find them here, or on our facebook page. 

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